Frequently asked Questions

How often should I have a Vision Exam?

We recommend yearly vision exams for all patients, unless you have a specific eye condition which may require more frequent visits. Although you may not notice a change in your prescription, annual vision exams are important to check the medical health of your eyes as many systemic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney diseases, and others can be discovered at a very early stage. Yearly eye exams are also important for those who wear contact lenses. The fit of your contact lenses must be checked to ensure they are fitting properly and not adversely affecting your eye health. Your prescriptions are only valid for one year from date of service. 

Are you accepting new patients?

New Patients are always welcome and appreciated at Wegner Vision Clinic.  Please call for an appointment so we may allow the proper amount of time to care for you.  Our patient base continues to grow because of word of mouth referrals.

When should my child get their first eye exam?

It is recommended by Wegner Vision that a child's first exam by an eye doctor should be by age 4, then every year after that.  If a problem is noted at an earlier age, the child should be seen as early as 6 months of age (e.g. "lazy eye").  

I have a family history of eye diseases, but I don't need glasses. Should I get an eye exam?

Absolutely. With a family history of eye diseases (glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetes), you should have at least an eye health evaluation and retinal imaging/optic nerve analysis done yearly. Many other circulatory and vital organ diseases may be detected at a very early stage from an eye health exam.   

Are walk-ins welcome for exams?

Unfortunately, we normally cannot accommodate walk-ins for exams. It is not fair to our patients who have made an appointment. We must allow adequate time to properly examine each patient. We try to squeeze in eye emergencies whenever possible. 

Will my insurance cover an eye exam?

Most vision insurance plans will cover one routine eye exam annually. Routine eye exams usually fall under the "preventative care clause" of your health plan, meaning deductibles often do not apply. Unfortunately, this is not true for all health plans. It is best to call your insurance company in advance to be aware of your coverage. It is required that you check with your insurance to see if Wegner Vision is on their provider list and if you are currently eligible for a vision exam before you schedule an appointment. 

Do I have to pay my co-pay on the day I come in?

 Yes. We collect all co-pays (if applicable) and balances on the day you are seen. 

Does Wegner Vision Clinic treat medical conditions?

Dr. Jon is board certified to treat most types of ocular disease. Medical conditions such as pink eye, foreign body removal, glaucoma, and other inflammations. 

What is involved in getting contact lenses?

Contact lenses need to be carefully fitted and matched to your needs and to your eyes. We will therefore need to perform a comprehensive vision and eye health exam, in addition to taking measurements to properly fit your eyes with contact lenses. We will always ensure that you are comfortable with handling your lenses before we prescribe them and will provide you with written instructions as well as follow-up visits. 

Can I still wear contacts if I have an astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common vision condition. It is caused when the front surface of the eye, called to cornea, is not perfectly round, or when the lens inside your eye is not spherical. As a result, light is focused differently in the eye, leading to blurred vision. Contact lenses that correct astigmatism are called torics. They come in both soft and gas permeable contact lens materials. In addition, small amounts of astigmatism may be corrected with a regular, non-toric contact lens. Many types of astigmatism are best corrected with gas permeable contacts rather than soft.

I'm new to the area and my glasses broke, can you help me?

Definitely. We are always more than happy to do what we can to help out anyone and hopefully earn your business. It is best to call for a time when we can take care of you without a wait. 


Please print out, then fill out our new patient history/information form and bring it to our office prior to or at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Also bring your insurance card if applicable.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our practice.

If you have any questions, comments or sugestions please fell free to call us at 262-637-7917.